Security Services

Your business is an investment.

We understand that you are selective with choosing vendors that service your needs. The key to choosing a respected security company is one who employs staff who serve with honesty and integrity; one who provides unique services and one who desires excellence.

Services We Offer

On-Site Security 

We are not police officers; we are the first responders before a police officer can arrive. Every on-site Antonio's Red Security officer is a hero as we recognize that unwanted events that go on daily. 

The Success of a great security guard is communication with our law enforcement and relationship with the community that they oversee and observe. Customer service is one of our top priorities.

Professional Concierge

Luxury Security Concierge: The finest tailored dress clothing with the highest of guest serves and resident assistance. He or She is to up-keep the mail receiving and going to and from the office, assist delivery to the elevator and escort residents to the leasing office. A daily report about the events during their shift is sent out to management or preferred email. We can help you with Messages or vendor access.

Vehicle Patrol 

Need an extra hand with watching over your business during nightly hours? We can help with closing community areas and keeping the peace with the community. 
The parking garage or lot will be observed and reported on for any unwanted issues, trespassers or vandalism to the building or home. It's one of many of our services that we can take pride of protecting.

We invest time in watching and observing closely, knowing that deterring crime is top priority. We can help you with many of our services and or committed team.

Services that fit your needs 

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