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Providing Security with Integrity

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Safety without compromise.

We understand that your business is an investment and you are selective with choosing vendors that service your needs.

The key to choosing a respected security company is one that employs a staff who serve with honesty and integrity; one who provides unique services and desires excellence.

Our Services

Our Services

Tailored for your needs

We understand the value of simple conversation with big ideas that are expected to make changes. Trust in us knowing even if you don't understand what you're looking for. Even under difficult situations, last minuet of needing a change. We have the determination of solving your issues. By walking your location or a tour of the property. We can evaluate the common issues that are face day-to-day normal criminal activity. The perfection with quality and customer service, is the three treatments we use for any situation to dissolve negative engagement or mental health individuals.


Let us represent your property with professional attitude individuals and tailored services. With many experiences to dealing with vendors arriving to the location or checking in packages. There's no small or too big of a job that we can't do.

Armed or Unarmed SECURITY


vehicle patrol

Access Control & CCTV Surveillance

Off-site Video Surveillance

Site Supervisor

Retail Security

Hotel Security

Front Desk Receptionist

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Safeguarding your peace of mind.

At Antonio’s Red Security, we employ the best staff, and we regularly and celebrate each of our Staff Members for their achievements.

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